Balkan jazz served with love and passion


GloBalKan was formed in 2017, featuring some of Bulgaria’s finest musicians. The founder of the band is Nedyalko Nedyalkov, one of the most engaging kaval players in the world. The band also includes Petar Milanov – guitar, Stoyan Yankoulov – drums, and Vladimir Karparov – saxophone. This collaboration of musicians fuses traditional Bulgarian folklore with jazz, pop, Latin and classical music styles. “It’s unique to mix 7/8 or 11/8 meters with jazz harmony and to improvise with traditional instruments such as kaval. We all love to bring together our ‘irregular’ or ‘odd’ rhythms with jazz and the audience loves it, especially international audiences”, says Nedyalko. GloBalKan’s album “Wonder Wheel” from 2019 is a musical journey through the Balkans.


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Sofia, Bulgaria